Cardiologists resources MD03 cover

How to read your patient’s
Cardio IQ® Report

This guide provides a quick, effective overview of the Cardio IQ® Report and how your patient’s test results may indicate CVD risk factors. 

Cardiologists Resources PT04

For patients: How Cardio IQ®
makes a difference

Offer this brochure to patients who want to learn more about the Cardio IQ® Tests that you ordered for them, the importance of Cardio IQ® Testing, and the impact it can have on their health.

Cardiologists Resources MD83

For your team: A treatment
guide to lipid disorders

Our “Physicians Pocket Treatment Guide to Lipid Disorders” is a great resource for you and your office medical staff. It can aid in understanding the different types of lipid disorders, their contributing factors, and common treatment considerations. 

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Learn about our
4myheart® Program

4myheart offers personalized support through a team of Clinical Educators to help your patients improve and maintain their heart health after receiving their Cardio IQ® test results.  

Living 4myheart brochure

For patients: Contacting
a 4myheart® expert

Give your patients this informative call guide so they can start to benefit from the extra support offered by the 4myheart® program to help them maintain a healthy lifestyle.