Care360 EHR and the MyQuestTM Patient Portal

MyQuest patient PortalGetting patients more engaged in their healthcare is a priority for many providers. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) lists patient engagement as part of the Meaningful Use requirements in the EHR Incentive program, and many of the industry initiatives such as Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) and Patient Center Medical Homes (PCMH) encourage the use of Patient Portals to improve the health of their patients. Quest Diagnostics has made it easy for all practices, no matter what size, to engage with patients using Care360 EHR and the MyQuest™ Patient Portal.

The MyQuest Patient Portal enables providers and patients to stay connected using a secure, HIPAA compliant website.

Care360 EHR with the MyQuest patient portal provides all the functionality required to meet the patient engagement objectives under the CMS EHR Incentive Program.

Providers…Connect through Care360 EHR

As a patient centric portal, there is no complex setup required to use Care360 EHR andElectronic Patient Portal MyQuest. The Patient Portal functionality is included with Care360 EHR. It is as simple as providing patients with portal account setup instructions from within Care360 EHR to establish the secure link. Then using the familiar messaging screens, physicians can send and receive messages, and share information anytime.

  • Send an electronic copy of the patient’s office visit notes, current medication list, lab results and more directly to the patient with just a few clicks
  • Monitor and report on which patients are using the portal to meet the Meaningful Use requirements
  • Communicate using secure messages with your patients, eliminating the need for phone calls
  • Create an electronic record of your communications with patients which can be reviewed at anytime

Plus patients can track their overall health, lab results and medication adherence using the Personal Health Record features.

Patients…Using the MyQuest Patient Portal

The MyQuest portal was designed to make it easy for patients to connect with all their Care360 EHR connected healthcare providers through one location.

  • Receive a copy of the office visit notes, current medication list and lab results using a secure Direct message account.
  • View, download or print their medical information
  • Send secure messages to their doctor
  • Share medical information with other doctors and family members who have a secure Direct mail address

Plus, MyQuest offers patients a companion mobile app for IPhones or Androids which allows them to set medication reminders, store “In Case of Emergency” information and much more.

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