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Boost your organization’s performance

It can be challenging to add new solutions to your existing business model. Quest Diagnostics is committed to developing the kinds of diagnostic tools and services you need while always making sure they are easy to customize and integrate into your organization.

Take a better approach to utilization management

Gain data-driven insights with IntelliTest Analytics™
This web-based portal offers an easy way to learn about 12-month test utilization and receive business analysis in accordance with clinically appropriate testing norms and costs. It provides you with a self-service utilization report that can be fully customized to individual test codes and customer billing information. To learn more, view our demo or brochure.

Access valuable test information with IntelliTest Manager™
This flexible online tool has best-in-class features for accessing new test information, test updates and changes based on your organization’s utilization.

Intellitest SpectrumReceive an analytical test report with IntelliTest Spectrum™
Prepared and presented by a Quest Diagnostics Medical Director, this report provides insight into your organization’s test ordering patterns by comparing them to national standards and guidelines. Our analysis will yield recommendations for more efficient test ordering and, hopefully, improved quality outcomes.


Exclusive for population health management

Help meet quality measures with the Clinical Performance Scorecard
This tool helps track the clinical performance and test utilization of providers, showing you how they compare to internal and national benchmarks, and can help reduce unnecessary variability in the delivery of healthcare services.



Optimize decision-making

Our industry-leading collection of Clinical Algorithms can help guide decision-making and identify clinical and financial risk.

Find out how we can help ensure continuity of care.