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Nothing has a greater impact on the financial health of your practice than the people and processes behind your billing. Choosing the right medical billing solution can be overwhelming without the appropriate tools and resources.

To help you decide whether in-house or outsourced medical billing is right for you, we’ve assembled insightful videos and informative articles developed by industry experts, thought leaders, and our own Quanum team.

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Get Your Denials Under Control
Please join us as Mark Anderson, CEO of AC Group and Healthcare IT futurist, shares his experience and insight into the shifting healthcare landscape. Mark will break down the complexities of denial management and provide useful steps to reduce the risk of denials. Watch now

7 Strategies for RCM Success
Elizabeth Woodcock, MBA, FACMPE, CPC,shares her key strategies for Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) success in your medical practice. Watch now

8 Questions to Ask When Evaluating Medical Billing Services
Join Laurie Morgan, author of the popular Management Rx ebook, “Get the Best from Your Medical Billing Service”, and consultant/partner at Capko & Morgan, as she reviews the eight questions you should ask when evaluating a new medical billing service. Watch now

Managing the Relationship with Your Medical Billing Service
Laurie Morgan, consultant/partner at Capko & Morgan, shares practical, actionable tips and ideas that will help you get more from outsourced revenue cycle services. Watch now

Articles and Checklists
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Make the right decision for your practice’s billing needs
Whether in-house or outsourced, you need a team you can trust. Let us help you get started with our latest white paper; Medical Billing Services - Make the Right Decision for Your Practice. We invite you to download your copy today, as you continue to research the best option for your practice. Read now

Outsourced Medical Billing is a Team Sport for Your Practice
When you’ve made the decision to outsource your medical billing, it can feel like a huge weight is lifted off your shoulders. But if you’re imagining that your staff no longer has a role in the revenue cycle, you’re unlikely to get all the benefits you hoped for from your outsourced relationship. Read now

Position Yourself for Success With a New Billing Service
Medical billing has become increasingly complex and expensive to manage inside a practice.  For small and even mid-sized practices, outsourcing has become significantly more appealing. Read now

Financial Health Check
Evaluate your financial performance and see how your practice compares against industry best practices.  Compare now

7 Strategies for RCM Success Article
Learn the seven key strategies for revenue cycle success in your medical practice.  Read now

Quanum Practice Solutions

Quest Diagnostics offers a comprehensive billing solution from a team you already know and trust. Quanum Revenue Cycle Management provides a holistic solution to managing the financial component of your practice - from claims to denials - with a focus on maximizing collections and revenue.  

To learn more about medical billing services from Quanum or contact us.


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Seven Strategies to RCM Success 7 Strategies for RCM Success

Elizabeth Woodcock, MBA, FACMPE, CPC,shares her key strategies for Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) success in your medical practice.

Quanum Practice Management

Check out this demonstration of the Quanum Practice Management (PM) software avalable as an add-on to Quanum PM and included with Quanum Revenue Cycle Management (RCM).