Demystifying Electronic Prior Authorization


It can feel all too familiar. A patient visits your practice, you prescribe a drug to treat their condition, and they go to the pharmacy to pick it up. However, when they arrive, they find out that the prescription is not ready because it cannot be filled without the extra step of prior authorization (PA). The pharmacy and patient phone your office, and you and your staff spend time calling, faxing, and pleading with the payers (i.e., the health insurance companies) to satisfy the PA guidelines. This can add hours, days, or weeks to the process of getting the prescription.

Time is money


This is time-consuming for you, and it’s frustrating for patients. And while PAs may bring cost savings to payers, it can bring expense to providers and practices that must divert resources to address this issue. Physicians shouldn’t have to spend so much time on PA. Read the white paper, “Demystifying Electronic Prior Authorization (ePA)” to learn how Quanum’s EHR can help you achieve PA.

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