Quanum EHR Case Study - Dr. Matthew Frankel

Philadelphia doctor does it all with Quanum Practice Solutions

Dr. Matthew Frankel is an internist in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He has been in practice for 32 years and employs 5, including his wife Jane who is the office manager. The doctor sees 20 patients per day, and 35% of them have Medicare. The practice is also a member of an accountable care organization (ACO).

In 2012 the office was ready to transition its paper charts to an electronic health record (EHR) to both modernize and meet CMS requirements. Then in 2013, the office was looking to improve its billing. Find out why Dr. Frankel’s team chose Quanum solutions from Quest Diagnostics.

Quick Facts:

  •     1 physician
  •     5 employees
  •     32 years experience
  •     20 patients seen per day
  •     35% Medicare
  •     2012 began using Quanum EHR
  •     2013 began using Quanum RCM

Download the complete Success Profile:
Dr. Frankel