Quanum Interactive Insights

Enhanced reporting can help improve patient engagement and save provider time

As patients increasingly look online for healthcare-related information, patient consumerism is on the rise.1 This means that they expect more from their healthcare providers—including more information, shared in a way that they can understand.

Unfortunately, healthcare providers and their staff are under increased pressure to see more patients and provide higher quality care. They’re challenged with having to maximize the time they spend with patients while simultaneously meeting their higher expectations.

Quanum Interactive Insights can help.

Have more meaningful conversations with your patients

Quanum Interactive Insights shows current results and trends in the context of a patient’s continuum of care—simplifying results interpretation and supporting meaningful conversations between healthcare professional and patients.

With Quanum Interactive Insights® you get:

  • Actionable, up-to-date reports so that you can quickly see out-of-range results—and take action sooner
  • Patient-friendly views, with relevant, easily digestible highlights, in the form of FAQs, informative videos, and webinars
  • Historical Results, or patient-specific history, over a two-year span—for a complete picture of patient health
  • Flexibility—the tool is fully mobile, and reports are easy to print.

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1. Deloitte Development LLC. The convergence of health care trends: innovation strategies for emerging opportunities. 2015.