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Who We Are

DiverseAbilities is an open-door network that welcomes all supporters of our mission; whether you self-identify as someone with a disability, or perhaps have friends or family who have a disability, or are simply interested in learning more. 

diverseabilities circle

Our Vision

Create and foster an inclusive culture of knowledge and dynamic acceptance of the disability community. Support Quest Diagnostics' goal of becoming an Employer of Choice for the disability community. 

How did the Autism Hiring Initiative come about?

An intentional program to increase hiring of individuals on the Autism Spectrum and those with similar disabilities - recognized as giving Quest Diagnostics a business advantage. 

Autism Hiring Initiative chart

Timeline of the DiverseAbilities Autism Hiring Initiative

 DiverseAbilities Autism Hiring Initiative Timeline

For additional information or to let us know that you applied for a positon, please email