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Frequently Asked Questions About the AMCA Data Security Incident

Last Updated: June 30, 2020

I received a lab test from Quest but did not received a letter about the incident. What does that mean?
As relates to Quest, the incident only involved Quest patient accounts that were sent to AMCA for collection. Letters were sent to those individuals whose Quest account information was contained in the affected AMCA system. If you had a Quest bill that you believe was sent to AMCA for collection and have not received a letter, you may call toll-free at 1-866-MY-QUEST (1-866-697-8378).


I received a letter from Quest and Optum360 about AMCA. Who are Quest and Optum360? Who is Retrieval-Masters Creditors Bureau, Inc.?
You received a letter because, at some point, a bill for a lab test performed by Quest was sent to AMCA to collect on the amount owed. Quest provides laboratory testing services to health plans, hospitals, physicians, employers and consumers. Optum360 is a vendor that provides billing services to Quest. AMCA (also known as Retrieval-Masters Creditors Bureau, Inc.) was a third party vendor to Optum360 for collection services. AMCA is not owned or operated by Quest or Optum360.


What happened?
On May 14th, 2019, American Medical Collection Agency (also called AMCA) informed Quest and Optum360 of potential unauthorized activity on AMCA’s web payment page. AMCA is a vendor that provided collection services to Optum360 for debts owed to Quest. Optum360 provides revenue management services to Quest, such as billing. Based on information from AMCA, we understand that an unauthorized user had access to AMCA’s system between August 1, 2018 and March 30, 2019. The affected system contained certain personal information AMCA received from various entities, including Quest, as well as information AMCA collected itself to provide collection services.


When did this incident happen?
Based on information from AMCA, we understand the incident occurred at AMCA between August 1, 2018 and March 30, 2019.


Does AMCA have access to Quest’s or Optum360’s systems?
No. The incident did not involve either Quest’s or Optum360’s systems or databases.


Does this involve anyone who had a lab test at Quest?
No. As relates to Quest, the incident only involved Quest patient accounts that were sent to AMCA for collection. Also, if you were not a patient but you or your insurance paid for a Quest patient’s account that was sent to AMCA for collection, it is possible that some of your information may have also been involved.


What information may have been involved in the AMCA incident?
Based on information from AMCA, the information stored in the affected AMCA system that is related to Quest patient accounts may have included information used to identify and contact individuals (such as first, middle and last name, date of birth, Social Security Number, address, phone number); information related to providers and services (such as dates of service, name of lab, referring doctor, test names, internal patient identification number); and laboratory billing- and payment-related information (such as credit card information, bank account number, insurance/payer information and identification number, diagnosis codes, internal account number). Quest laboratory test results were not included.


I heard that AMCA declared bankruptcy. Is that true?
Yes. On June 17, 2019, AMCA filed for bankruptcy. We understand that AMCA now intends to wind down and liquidate its business. Quest and Optum360 had already ceased using AMCA for collection services.


If AMCA declared bankruptcy, does that mean my bill is taken care of or that I don’t have to pay it?
No. Although Quest and Optum360 have stopped using AMCA for collection services, the accounts which are due and owing were moved to other collection companies. If you wish to pay now, you can do so by calling 1-866-MYQUEST (697-8378) toll-free and press option 1, then option 3, then option 2 to speak with a billing customer service representative. You can also make payments online at (


Is there a secure way for me to pay a Quest bill now?
Yes, please go to ( or you can call 1-866-MYQUEST (697-8378) toll-free to speak with someone at Quest Diagnostics. You can also make payments online at (


Is there someone I can speak with if I have questions about the incident? 
You may call 1-866-MYQUEST (697-8378) toll free if you have further questions. If you wish to speak to someone about the AMCA incident in other languages, including Español (Spanish), 繁體中文 (Chinese), Français (French), Kreyòl Ayisyen (French Creole), Tagalog (Tagalog), Tiếng Việt (Vietnamese), 한국어 (Korean), Deutsch (German), العربیة (Arabic), русский (Russian), Italiano (Italian), Português (Portuguese), िहंदी (Hindi), Polski (Polish), or 日本語 (Japanese), or need other assistance, you can call, toll-free, 1-844-698-1022.


Text of July 8, 2019 notice regarding the AMCA data security incident.