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Enhance quality, productivity, and positive patient outcomes

Electronic health record

Quanum® Electronic Health Record helps practices enhance quality, productivity, and patient outcomes by accessing and documenting important patient information anytime, anywhere. It is an ONC-certified, award-winning, cloud-based technology with streamlined mobile access.

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"The best thing about Quanum EHR is having a patient record without a chart. Demographics, medical history and other patient information are now all in one place. We don’t spend time looking for paper charts, and transitions of care are effortless. Quanum EHR has been a time-saver for us."
- Dr Mackie Snebold, DO, Wilmot Medical Association

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A brief demonstration of Quanum EHR documenting a SOAP note on the iPad®.

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Focus on your patients and leave your complicated billing issues and activities up to us.

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Optimize billing and scheduling with integrated solutions designed to complement your office workflow.

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Help enhance patient safety and improve prescription management while adhering to EPCS mandates.

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Quanum EHR is a certified 2015 Edition EHR.


This EHR is ONC 2015 Edition compliant and has been certified by Drummond Group (ONC-ACB) in accordance with the applicable certification criteria adopted by the Secretary of Health and Human Services. This certification does not represent an endorsement by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.


Vendor name: Quest Diagnostics

Certification Version: 2015

Date certified: December 31, 2019

Product name and version: Quanum EHR version 2020

CHPL Product Number:

ONC-ATB Certification ID:

ONC-Authorized Certification Body: Drummond Group

ONC-Authorized Testing Laboratory: Drummond Group


Vendor name: Scientific Technologies Corporation

Certification Version: 2015

Date certified: March 16, 2020

Product name and version: ImmsLink 5.0 CHPL

Product Number:

ONC-ATB Certification ID:

ONC-Authorized Certification Body: UL LLC

ONC-Authorized Testing Laboratory: UL LLC


Clinical quality measures tested and certified: CMS2v9, CMS22v8, CMS68v9, CMS69v8, CMS122v8, CMS124v8, CMS125v8, CMS127v8, CMS130v8, CMS131v8, CMS134v8, CMS135v8, CMS137v8, CMS138v8, CMS139v8, CMS144v8, CMS145v8, CMS146v8, CMS147v, CMS153v8, CMS154v8, CMS155v8, CMS156v8, CMS159v8, CMS161v8, CMS165v8, CMS177v8


Additional Software Required: Healthwise, Microsoft Excel, Adobe Reader, Multum, MyQuest patient portal, Surescripts, Digicert, Exostar, Interactive Insights, Health Language Inc.


Any additional types of costs: None


When registering or attesting on the CMS website, the CMS EHR Certification ID needed is 0015E06X6TUM0HU. This CMS EHR Certification ID reflects the combination of the products listed above.


2023 Real World Test Plan and Results


2022 Real World Test Plan and Results


Costs and Limitations table


Quanum EHR FHIR API Documentation


Quanum EHR FHIR API Access Request Form

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