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Myth 4 – Commercial Payers, Claims and EHRs Don’t Matter

MIPS is a Quality Payment Program payment track that determines how Eligible Medicare providers get reimbursed.  But can participating in this program be affected by other aspects of a medical practice that aren’t related to Medicare?  Our team of experts break down whether or not third-party payers have any impact on how practices perform in MIPS.  They also ascertain what, if any, truth there is to how claims data might be relevant to performance and what differences Electronic Health Record technology makes in achieving successful outcomes.

Important points of view discussed are:

  • What claims data and EHR data have in common with MIPS
  • Whether or not one methodology of collecting data for MIPS is better than another
  • If and when does patients’ insurance make a difference in MIPS performance and reimbursement

This episode features Quest Quality Consulting experts, Erika Krivenko, Julia Zieger, and Carrie Shepard


Date: Monday, November 29, 2021

Author(s): Krivenko, E, Shepard, C, Zeiger, J

Myth 4 - Commercial payers, claims and EHRs don’t matter