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Myth 3 – MIPS Doesn’t Affect the Bottom Line

You don’t want to miss the Quest Quality Improvement experts dialogue about the cost of participating or not participating in MIPS.  They examine when it may or may not be economically beneficial to participate in MIPS and discuss the time/value of participating to achieve the optimum results.  Together, they explore examples of when a practice may return sizable gains by participating effectively and what hurdles and setbacks practices might expect by not managing their performance well.  There may be a cost to participating in the MIPS program, but in this episode, they take a closer look at when that cost might actually be a return on investment.

Important points of view discussed are:

  • The cost/reward of effective and ineffective time management
  • How a MIPS score can actually affect the reimbursement cost/benefit to a practice
  • When patient satisfaction plays into MIPS performance for greater reward

This episode features Quest Quality Consulting experts, Erika Krivenko, Julia Zieger, and Carrie Shepard.


Date: Monday, November 29, 2021

Author(s): Krivenko, E, Shepard, C, Zeiger, J

Myth 3 - MIPS doesn‘t affect the bottom line