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Myth 2 - MIPS is Going Away in 2021

"MIPS is going away” is an ongoing rumor among healthcare professionals following the tumultuous year 2020 hurled at us. Today’s podcast examines why MIPS is such a burden and causes so many different dilemmas in healthcare. We scrutinize how the federal budget, legislation, the growing number of Medicare beneficiaries and growing number of reduced resources are confounding a system already in disarray. We address the common -that it would be easier to get rid of a program that causes so much confusion and seems to benefit so few.

Important points of view discussed are:

  • The increase in the number of patients eligible for Medicare
  • Legislation setting the standards for performance
  • The correlation between performance and monetary resources available to eligible clinicians
  • Why investing in strong performance in MIPS will be a value in the future

This episode features Quest Quality Consulting experts, Erika Krivenko, Julia Zieger and Carrie Shepard

Date: Friday, July 30, 2021

Author(s): Krivenko, E, Shepard, C, Zeiger, J