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The problem with ANA testing alone

Often autoimmune conditions involve vague and overlapping symptoms, making them difficult to identify. Currently, many patients with autoimmune disease experience delayed referral, diagnosis, and treatment. This can result in permanent joint damage and an even smaller chance of remission

How does ANA testing alone affect diagnosis times? 

6 Weeks or less

recomended time after symptom onset to visit rheumatologist

6+ Months

current reported wait times for new patients to see a rheumatologist

9 out of 10

affected patients recieve a late rheumatoid arthritis diagnosos

The need for support from primary care providers

Disease-specific autoimmune screening in primary care can help patients get the care they need sooner by mitigating the impact of rheumatologist shortages and changing population trends. Antinuclear antibody (ANA) testing alone is not enough to definitively diagnose an autoimmune disease, because symptoms across disorders can be vague, vary from patient to patient, and overlap. Expedite autoimmune diagnosis and improve outcomes with comprehensive autoimmune testing that is more specific than ANA alone.

Fewer steps. Faster diagnosis.

Antinuclear antibody (ANA) screening alone cannot diagnose the specific autoimmune condition. In fact, positive ANA results do not definitively rule out healthy patients either, so referrals based only on ANA results can lead to unnecessary rheumatologist visits. Comprehensive autoimmune screening delivers more answers with a single test code, so PCPs can make the right referral the first time—and help limit disease progression. Quest’s autoimmune screening panels test for ANA plus the most informative disease-specific markers, so you can help narrow down the diagnosis earlier.

The analytic approach


A full-picture approach to detect 25 analytes with 1 sample for identifying overlapping conditions

The reflexive approach


A reflex cascade approach to screen for the 8 most common autoimmune diseases in 1 blood draw
Two physicians reviewing a case

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