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Transitioning back to daily routines

Helping provide clarity in the face of uncertainty

Together, we have endured the significant impact the COVID-19 pandemic has had on virtually every aspect of daily life.

As our communities begin to transition back to work and daily routines, we are committed to providing clear, accurate insights about COVID-19 status so you can help your patients make informed decisions.

A model to help guide and provide insights

Our role in getting back to routine is to support you with the appropriate testing and accurate results you and your patients need.

While we know all practices will have variations on how to help patients get back to routine, we’ve developed a CDC guideline-based model to help guide and provide insights to make more informed decisions.

Our Patient Service Centers are open to meet your patients’ testing needs

Antibody testing is available by appointment at our Patient Service Centers (PSCs) with a doctor’s requisition. All available locations have implemented enhanced safety precautions through our Peace of Mind program.

Download our Peace of Mind brochure

Note: This model was developed based on CDC guidelines and in collaboration with infectious disease experts, local employers, and civic officials. Local and state requirements may vary, and healthcare professionals will need to adjust their protocols accordingly. This model may change as CDC guidelines and FDA recommendations are updated.

*Molecular testing should occur in an environment managed per CDC guidelines


See our example testing model to help you get your patients back to daily life.
Download our program brochure

Need help determining when to order COVID-19 molecular or antibody testing?
Download our COVID-19 Patient Screening Questionnaire

Learn more about Quest Diagnostics’ comprehensive response to COVID-19 including resources on molecular tests to help diagnose COVID-19 and IgG antibody serology tests to indicate SARS-CoV-2 exposure.

We are committed to helping you get your patients back to the routine testing and medical care they may have deferred during the COVID-19 pandemic.


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