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Comprehensive Hematopathology Report

Comprehensive Hematopathology Report

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Comprehensive Hematopathology Report


Clinical Use

  • Differential diagnosis of hematological disorders

Clinical Background

The diagnosis and classification of hematologic disorders, including leukemias and lymphomas, require a multiparametric approach that includes integrating morphologic evaluation with ancillary studies such as cytochemistry, immunohistochemistry, flow cytometry, and cytogenetic and molecular analyses. Results from such studies form the foundation for the differential diagnosis and serve to help select therapy and assess prognosis for patients with leukemia or lymphoma.


Along with the clinical history and laboratory data, peripheral blood smears and bone marrow samples (aspirate smears, H&E-stained bone marrow biopsy, and/or clot sections) are reviewed and interpreted by a hematopathologist. A preliminary diagnostic report is then issued, and the results are often discussed with the referring physician or pathologist by telephone. Additional tests are performed at an additional charge and can include immunohistochemistry and chemical stains, flow cytometry assays, and cytogenetic and molecular studies. The case will be reviewed again when the ancillary studies are completed, and a final report will be issued.

Interpretive Information

A patient-specific, detailed interpretive report is issued by an experienced hematopathologist.


Content reviewed 12/2012

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