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  1. Vitamin D Deficiency and Toxicity: Laboratory Support of Diagnosis and Management

    This Clinical Focus provides information relating to diagnosis and management of vitamin D deficiency and toxicity including clinical background, individuals suitable for testing, available tests and methodologies, test... More

  2. Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML): Laboratory Evaluation

    This test guide provides guidance on the use of laboratory testing in the diagnosis, classification, prognosis, and management of AML.... More

  3. Hepatitis C Antibody With Reflex to HCV RNA, Quantitative Real-Time PCR

    This guideline-based reflex test is an efficient way to screen and diagnose HCV infection and establish baseline viral load. A positive HCV antibody reflexes to an HCV RNA quantitative PCR test.... More

  4. Chromosomal Microarray, Hematologic Malignancy, ClariSure Oligo-SNP

    This test is used to establish the presence of a clonal abnormality and to assess prognosis and monitor disease progression in various hematologic malignancies.... More

  5. Testosterone, Free, Bioavailable and Total, Males (Adult), Immunoassay

    This test is used to screen for low testosterone in adult males and monitor testosterone levels in males being treated with testosterone replacement therapy.... More

  6. Cardio IQ Insulin Resistance Panel With Score

    This test is used to evaluate the likelihood that an individual has insulin resistance.... More

  7. Homocysteine

    Summarizes information relating to this test including clinical use and background, individuals suitable for testing, specimen requirements, methodology, test interpretation, and peer-reviewed references.... More

  8. Cardio IQ ST2, Soluble

    This test is used to assess risk of progression in patients with acute and chronic heart failure.... More

  9. Testosterone, LC/MS/MS

    This test summary includes information about free, bioavailable, and total testosterone testing. It summarizes the clinical indications, methodology used, and interpretation of test results as applied to men, women, and... More

  10. Lymphoid Neoplasms: Laboratory Support of Diagnosis and Management

    This test guide describes tests available for the differential diagnosis and management of B-, T-, and natural killer-cell lymphoid neoplasms.... More

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