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Heavy Metals Panel #27, 24-Hour Urine [35386X]

Test Code


CPT Code(s)



Arsenic, Cadmium, Lead, Mercury

Patient Preparation

Patient should refrain from eating seafood for at least 3 days prior to specimen collection

Preferred Specimen(s)

7 mL aliquot of a 24-hour urine collected in an acid-washed urine container

Collection Instructions

To avoid contamination, do not measure 24-hour volume

Specimen Container

24-hour acid-washed urine container

Transport Temperature

Refrigerated (cold packs)

Specimen Stability

Room temperature: 48 hours
Refrigerated: 5 days
Frozen: 14 days


Inductively Coupled Plasma/Mass Spectrometry (ICP/MS)

Setup Schedule

Monday, Wednesday, Friday Afternoon; Report available: 3 Days


Ingestion of seafood within three days of specimen collection can affect results.

Reference Range(s)

Arsenic, 24-Hour Urine ≤80 mcg/L
Lead, 24-Hour Urine <80 mcg/L
Mercury, 24-Hour Urine ≤20 mcg/L
Cadmium, 24-Hour Urine ≤5.0 mcg/L

Clinical Significance

Excessive exposure to heavy metals can cause acute chronic toxicity. Heavy metals panel is intended to evaluate and monitor exposure to heavy metals and evaluate the process of detoxification. Excessive cadmium exposure can damage lungs, kidneys, and the digestive tract.

Reference ranges are provided as general guidance only. To interpret test results use the reference range in the laboratory report.

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