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Influenza A and B Antigen, Immunoassay

Test Code


CPT Code(s)

87400 (x2)


Test code 11177 will not be available after 02/18/2018 due to an unexpected backorder of reagents.
The recommended alternatives for this test code are:

91989 - Influenza A and B and RSV RNA, Qualitative, Real-Time RT-PCR
95512 - Respiratory Viral Panel, PCR
16086 - Influenza A and B RNA, Qualitative, Real-Time RT-PCR
   Note: 16086 is not available for New York patient testing.
8357 - Influenza A and B Antigen, DFA
14867 - Viral Respiratory, Rapid Culture with Reflex

Preferred Specimen(s)

Nasopharyngeal (NP) swabs and washes, nasopharyngeal aspirates, lower nasal (turbinate) swabs and washes

Minimum Volume

One swab or 1 mL of washings/aspirate in V-C-M medium (green-cap) tube or equivalent or Amies liquid transport medium

Alternative Specimen(s)

Throat swab in V-C-M medium (green-cap) tube or equivalent or Amies liquid transport medium

Transport Container

NP swabs: Flocked nylon, Dacron® polyester or rayon-tipped swabs with flexible shaft are recommended. Place in Quest Diagnostics supplied V-C-M medium (green-cap) tube or equivalent such as M4, EMEM or PBS with gelatin or albumin.
Washes and aspirates: Add to an equal amount of V-C-M medium (green-cap) tube or equivalent or Amies liquid transport medium

Transport Temperature

Refrigerated (cold packs)

Specimen Stability

Deliver to the microbiology lab ASAP
Room temperature: Unacceptable
Refrigerated: 72 hours
Frozen: 6 months

Reject Criteria

Received room temperature (unless testing is done at point of care) • Specimens received on calcium alginate swabs and swabs other than Dacron®, Rayon or flocked nylon • Swabs with shafts other than plastic or aluminum


Optical Immunoassay

Performing Laboratory

Quest Diagnostics NY/NJ

Setup Days


Report Available

1 day

Reference Range(s)

Influenza A Antigen Not detected
Influenza B Antigen Not detected

Clinical Significance

Influenza is an acute viral disease that is seasonal in incidence, occurring in the colder months. The illness classically presents with sudden onset of fever, chills, headache, myalgia and a non-productive cough. Influenza A or B virus cause the majority of clinically significant disease, with influenza C virus being responsible only for mild, predominately upper respiratory tract illness. Patients who present with suspected influenza may benefit from treatment with antiviral agents. Since the therapeutic options have expanded to include options for the treatment of influenza B disease, it is important to rapidly distinguish influenza A from influenza B in order to allow physicians a choice in selective antiviral intervention. This will also allow for the appropriate preventative intervention to be taken in institutions where measures can be taken for susceptible individuals. It is therefore important to not only rapidly determine whether influenza is present, but also which type of influenza virus is present.

Alternative Name(s)


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