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Respiratory Allergy Profile Region XIII: CA, Southern Coast

Test Code


CPT Code(s)

82785, 86003 (x24)


IgE allergy testing for:
Alder (t2)
Alternaria alternata (a mold) (m6)
Aspergillus fumigatus (m3)
Bermuda grass (g2)
Cat dander (e1)
Cladosporium herbarum (m2)
Cocroach (i6)
Common ragweed (short) (w1)
Cottonwood (t14)
Dermatophagoides farinae (d2)
Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus (d1)
Dog dander (e2)
Elm (t8)
Johnson grass (g10)
Mountain cedar (t6)
Mouse Urine Proteins (e72)
Mugwort (sagebrush) (w6)
Mulberry (t70)
Oak (t7)
Olive (t9)
Penicillium notatum (m1)
Rough pigweed (w14)
Russian Thistle (prickly saltwort) (w11)
Timoth grass (g6)
Walnut tree (t10)

Immunoglobulin E

Preferred Specimen(s)

4 mL serum

Minimum Volume

2.5 mL

Transport Container

Serum Separator Tube (SST®)

Transport Temperature

Room temperature


Immunoassay (IA)

Performing Laboratory

Quest Diagnostics - Great Lakes Region

Alternative Name(s)


LOINC®' Code(s)

The Result and LOINC information listed below should not be used for electronic interface maintenance with Quest Diagnostics. Please contact the Quest Diagnostics Connectivity Help Desk for more information at 800-697-9302.

NOTE: The codes listed in the table below are not orderable Test Codes.

Result NameLOINC CodeComponent Name
55020300IMMUNOGLOBULIN E19113-0IgE
55093405JOHNSON GRASS (G10) IGE6152-3Sorghum halepense Ab.IgE
55093410CLASS15743-8Sorghum halepense Ab.IgE.RAST class
55105505WHITE MULBERRY (T70) IGE6281-0Morus alba Ab.IgE
55105510CLASS15864-2Morus alba Ab.IgE.RAST class
55098105MOUSE URINE PROTEINS (E72) IGE6181-2Mouse urine proteins Ab.IgE
55098110CLASS15861-8Mouse urine proteins Ab.IgE.RAST class
55099505COCKROACH (I6) IGE6078-0Blatella germanica Ab.IgE
55099510CLASS15647-1Blatella germanica Ab.IgE.RAST class
55089205PENICILLIUM NOTATUM (M1) IGE6212-5Penicillium notatum Ab.IgE
55089210CLASS15924-4Penicillium notatum Ab.IgE.RAST class
55090005DERMATOPHAGOIDES PTERONYSSINUS (D1) IGE6096-2Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus Ab.IgE
55090010CLASS15682-8Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus Ab.IgE.RAST class
55094405DERMATOPHAGOIDES FARINAE (D2) IGE6095-4Dermatophagoides farinae Ab.IgE
55094410CLASS15680-2Dermatophagoides farinae Ab.IgE.RAST class
55094905CLADOSPORIUM HERBARUM (M2) IGE6075-6Cladosporium herbarum Ab.IgE
55094910CLASS15642-2Cladosporium herbarum Ab.IgE.RAST class
55095005ALTERNARIA ALTERNATA (M6) IGE6020-2Alternaria alternata Ab.IgE
55095010CLASS15530-9Alternaria alternata Ab.IgE.RAST class
55095405ASPERGILLUS FUMIGATUS (M3) IGE6025-1Aspergillus fumigatus Ab.IgE
55095410CLASS15549-9Aspergillus fumigatus Ab.IgE.RAST class
55092705ELM (T8) IGE6109-3Ulmus americana Ab.IgE
55092710CLASS15697-6Ulmus americana Ab.IgE.RAST class
55095105OAK (T7) IGE6189-5Quercus alba Ab.IgE
55095110CLASS15875-8Quercus alba Ab.IgE.RAST class
55094505CAT DANDER (E1) IGE6833-8Cat dander Ab.IgE
55094510CLASS15609-1Cat dander Ab.IgE.RAST class
55094605DOG DANDER (E5) IGE6098-8Dog dander Ab.IgE
55094610CLASS15685-1Dog dander Ab.IgE.RAST class
55092105ROUGH PIGWEED (W14) IGE7604-2Pigweed common Ab.IgE
55092110CLASS15936-8Pigweed common Ab.IgE.RAST class
55093205MUGWORT (W6) IGE6183-8Artemisia vulgaris Ab.IgE
55093210CLASS15863-4Artemisia vulgaris Ab.IgE.RAST class
55095205COMMON RAGWEED (SHORT) (W1) IGE6085-5Ambrosia elatior Ab.IgE
55095210CLASS15975-6Ambrosia elatior Ab.IgE.RAST class
55102705RUSSIAN THISTLE (W11) IGE6234-9Salsola kali Ab.IgE
55102710CLASS16052-3Salsola kali Ab.IgE.RAST class
55091305BERMUDA GRASS (G2) IGE6041-8Cynodon dactylon Ab.IgE
55091310CLASS15738-8Cynodon dactylon Ab.IgE.RAST class
55094705TIMOTHY GRASS (G6) IGE6265-3Phleum pratense Ab.IgE
55094710CLASS16054-9Phleum pratense Ab.IgE.RAST class
55092805WALNUT TREE (T10) IGE33982-0Juglans california pollen Ab.IgE
55092810CLASS16078-8Juglans california pollen Ab.IgE.RAST class
55092905COTTONWOOD (T14) IGE6090-5Populus deltoides Ab.IgE
55092910CLASS15659-6Populus deltoides Ab.IgE.RAST class
55104305ALDER (T2) IGE15284-3Alnus incana Ab.IgE
55104310CLASS21060-9Alnus incana Ab.IgE.RAST class
55104605MOUNTAIN CEDAR (T6) IGE6178-8Juniperus sabinoides Ab.IgE
55104610CLASS15615-8Juniperus sabinoides Ab.IgE.RAST class
55104705OLIVE TREE (T9) IGE6192-9Olea europaea pollen Ab.IgE
55104710CLASS15892-3Olea europaea pollen Ab.IgE.RAST class

Reference ranges are provided as general guidance only. To interpret test results use the reference range in the laboratory report.

The CPT codes provided are based on AMA guidelines and are for informational purposes only. CPT coding is the sole responsibility of the billing party. Please direct any questions regarding coding to the payer being billed.

LOINC assignment is based on a combination of test attributes, including the method used by the performing laboratory. For tests not performed by Quest Diagnostics, codes are assigned by the performing laboratory.

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