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Improve your patients’ health with a range of testing solutions

Take action for healthier outcomes video thumbnailWe know it's important for you to be able to optimize your clinical decisions for patient diagnosis, treatment and management. Our broad array of integrated laboratory testing services were inspired by and designed with their needs—and yours—in mind.

Innovative testing
Spotlight on Health Newsletters buttonOur comprehensive menu of tests ranges from routine to highly specialized, so you can get the information you need to take action and to make the right decisions for your patients.

Spotlight on Health Program
Quest provides diagnostic insights that help improve human health. Our disease-specific newsletters offer health education materials that focus on important topics like heart disease, breast cancer and HIV. 

Seamless EHR/IT integration
If you use an EHR or are considering adopting one, you'll be pleasantly surprised at the ways Quest Diagnostics makes IT hassle-free. We interface with most EHR systems, making integration with your existing EHR easier. For those seeking an EHR, Quest offers Care360® EHR, as well as our Health IT Quality Solutions™ program, which can recommend vendors whose products have passed our rigorous evaluation. You can also access our dedicated connectivity, implementation and support staff to help ease the transition and begin enjoying the efficiencies of EHR.

Health IT Solutions
Our innovative health IT solutions and tech support help you take action to optimize patient diagnosis, treatment and management. Our health IT solutions include:

  • Data Diagnostics™—a suite of real-time, on-demand, patient-specific analytics that can be ordered by physicians at the point of care.
  • QuestConnect™—online access to your Quest Diagnostics account that offers you an easy way to request test results, add and cancel tests, find test information, and more. Stay connected and in control.
  • IntelliTest Manager™—a flexible online tool that allows you to access new test information by filtering searches based on your test utilization over the past 12 months. Stay ahead of test updates so you can take the right actions for your patients.
  • Care360—provides analytics to help you see patient histories and trends, helping you meet HEDIS, CMS Star and other value-based compensation model requirements. Quest Diagnostics Care360® EHR makes it easier to meet Meaningful Use criteria—it is ONC-ATCB-certified and enables sharing of information with providers on other EHR systems, ensuring lab results are seamlessly integrated into a patient's health record. It also minimizes your administrative burden, allowing you to focus on your patients, not paperwork.
  • MyQuest™ by Care360—a secure and convenient portal that allows patients to view, access and share healthcare information and for you to help support patient engagement and compliance. Includes a companion mobile app.

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