Engage your patients on the road to improved health

Keep patients engaged for better health video thumbnailQuest Diagnostics knows proper diagnosis and treatment are not your only objectives in caring for your patients. That’s why we offer an array of tools to help primary care patients stay organized and motivated and get testing done on time.

Broad health plan coverage
Having broad in-network access ensures low out-of-pocket costs for your patients so more patients can take the physician-directed action they need to improve their health.Spotlight on Health Newsletters button

See how your patients can save money on lab tests by using Quest Diagnostics instead of an in-network hospital or an out-of-network lab.*

Primary Care Physicians chart
*  Example based on a patient who met his or her deductible. Dollar amounts show sample rates. Costs shown do not include any applicable copays or coinsurance. Refer your patients to their plan documents for more information.

** These costs show an example of a routine lab test. Lab test costs vary depending on the actual test performed.

Convenient patient service centers
Our expansive network of more than 2,200 patient service centers with appointment scheduling makes it simple and convenient for patients to get the tests they need. 

MyQuest Patient Portal 
With MyQuest, patients can get their test results anytime, anywhere, on their computer, smartphone, or tablet, making it easier to manage and securely share information with you and other healthcare providers. They can also easily schedule appointments for testing and track their health conditions—important steps in increasing overall patient satisfaction scores.