Improving patient care for better outcomes

Count on us to support you with a wealth of information and experience—not just numbers—to help achieve your initiatives and goals.

Actionable information, insights and answers

Experience and expertise


We evaluate more specimens than anyone else—over 500,000 daily. We have access to sample quantities not readily available to most institutions. This depth of experience directly benefits your patient care in handling complex or rare cases and in interpreting unusual results. We deliver critical insights—facts, analyses and trends—at both the macro and micro level.


Access to consultation

Our approximately 900 MDs and PhDs offer peer-to-peer consulting in a wide range of sub-specialties. We are ready to provide you with the benefits of our experience in diagnoses that assist you in improving patient treatment and outcomes.

Diagnostic innovations 

A constant stream of new tests is rooted in our academic focus and collaborative spirit.

Through our unique Academic Associates program, we tap dozens of clinicians at respected universities for test development and future clinical application of scientific discoveries. We also have collaborative relationships with key academic medical centers around the world. The result? We have developed hundreds of leading tests and assays that have become the standard in diagnostics.

For 40 years we’ve been a proven thought leader in peer-reviewed diagnostics research and publications. Our medical and scientific experts publish articles and speak at key medical conferences to provide fundamental insights into the biology of diseases or introduce novel diagnostic testing approaches. We also help shape the latest thinking as contributors to textbooks used by academic institutions to train healthcare providers.

Working with Quest Diagnostics provides many of the benefits of an academic institution; the dedication, collegial sharing and discovery, combined with customer-driven service and results.

Quest Diagnostics Health Trends™

Providing insights with a national scope

Broad menu of specialized and complex tests

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At the core of our expertise is the ability to provide you with an extensive and ever-growing portfolio of cutting-edge and routine testing for a wide range of disease states — all from one organization. Our capability enables your staff to quickly and easily move from a sound diagnostic course of action to confident decision making for improved patient care. Our menu is designed to complement and supplement your lab for patient care and business performance.

Expertise across multiple disciplines

We offer specialized testing and expertise across a wide range of medical sub-specialties, including: