Managing costs to improve performance

Our focus is to help your patients, your staff and your bottom line in this challenging environment with a number of proven approaches.

Optimizing cost and quality in laboratory management

Constantly changing reimbursement levels, rapidly evolving technology and chronic shortages of skilled professionals can be daunting. We tailor options to your operational needs.

Full lab management

We oversee all aspects of your laboratory operations, inclusive of lab staff and equipment. Under the full lab management program, labs have access to the benefits of our extensive experience and presence in the marketplace, including:

  • Access to state-of-the-art testing equipment and information systems
  • Professional expertise from our local facility to conduct educational seminars, participate in grand rounds and assist with new test validation studies
  • Pre-inspection assessment available to prepare your lab for local and national regulatory inspections
  • Virtual consultation technologies enable accurate and timely results

Limited lab management

You may also choose to collaborate with us on a more limited scale. Limited lab management allows you to maintain urgent testing while sending us the more routine and complex testing. For example:

  • Outsourcing microbiology—a labor-intensive specialty that requires a dedicated staff for a relatively small testing volume
  • Outsourcing complex tests—keeping the STAT tests in-house and Outsourcing complex tests supports re-deploying your staff to core testing areas
  • Conducting virtual consultations with experts at our facility—improving the quality of interpretation for slides that require more expertise

Customized solutions for operational efficiencies

Six Sigma Consulting Services

Each team member has a background in Six Sigma specifically for healthcare. We know how to align workflow with your patient experience, and how to guide your team in deployment.

Full Six Sigma Lean engagement
One to two month programs with a Master Black Belt leading your team can add powerful tools and methods to handle critical projects.

Green or Black Belt training
On-site programs transfer Six Sigma Lean methods to your team, creating qualified project leaders.

Lean Flow Kaizen session
Three to four day on-site workshop conducted by a Master Black Belt helps your team spot high-value opportunities, create action plans, and devise metrics for sustaining the gains.

We use the Six Sigma methodology, strategy, and tools rigorously in every area of our own business and have made strides in reducing our cost structure.

Why not let us assist you with your laboratory efficiency programs?

Solutions for employee retention

Blueprint for Wellness®

Personal wellness evaluations for employees

From collection to physician oversight, our program promotes employee wellness and retention:

  • Employees value on-site events and view them as an additional benefit, strengthening the employee benefits package
  • The program can help improve employee retention and reduce turnover costs

Logistics solutions

As the nation’s leading lab, we bring you economies of scale that are unequaled in the industry. Our delivery system includes our own fleet of aircraft and vehicles serving more than 2,000 patient service centers, and thousands of hospitals and physicians’ offices.

When it comes to dependable, day-to-day transit of your laboratory work, no one can match the Quest Diagnostics delivery system.