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Whether you have questions about Hepatitis C screening, screening for specific therapies, or response-guided therapy, you’ll find expert answers and advice here, across the entire Hepatitis C care continuum. The links below take you to articles and live presentations covering both primary and specialty care topics. You may also contact one of our medical or technical directors below.

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HCV screening

The Importance of Screening for HCV

Dr. Pearlman describes the target population most recommended for HCV screening by the CDC and USPSTF, and explains the high prevalence and impact of HCV among baby boomers. He also discusses the algorithm for testing for HCV and the interpretation of results.

Hepatitis C: What the Primary Care Provider Needs to Know

Paul E. Sax, MD, explains the indications and rationale for Hepatitis C testing, how to conduct a baseline clinical and laboratory evaluation, and offers an overview of rapidly changing Hepatitis C treatment options.


HCV treatment and monitoring

HCV Resistance—
Where are we today?

Dr. Robert G. Gish explains how resistance-associated variants (RAVs) affect HCV treatment, what clinical trials tell us about resistance testing, and how to optimize therapy and understand the role of RAVs in choosing the correct regimen for HCV treatment.


Hepatitis C guides and reports

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CDC=Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; USPSTF=U.S. Preventive Services Task Force.