Patient education tools

At Quest Diagnostics, we understand your commitment to helping patients. Below are some complimentary materials that you can download to offer your patients. In addition, we have provided links to some reputable websites to help educate your patients on Hepatitis C.

When it comes to hepatitis C, how sure are you?

Learn about how Hep C is transmitted, and the importance of getting tested for it.

What baby boomers need to know about hepatitis C

Learn more about Hep C, its symptoms, and why testing is so important for baby boomers.

Hep C: Know Your Status

Increase your knowledge of Hep C with these helpful, at-a-glance Hep C statistics.

Cheryl’s story

Like most baby boomers, Cheryl didn’t know she was at risk for Hep C. Watch this video to see how the Hep C test saved one woman’s life.

Knowing is the first step

Hep C affects millions of people who may not know they have it. Knowing your status can help you make important decisions about your health.

Robin Roth, a baby boomer, was diagnosed with hepatitis C

Robin was diagnosed with Hep C following a routine doctor’s visit, and it changed her life. Though she was symptomless, Robin asked to be screened for Hep C and tested positive for the virus. Watch this video to see how the Hep C test saved her life.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

The CDC gives answers to commonly asked questions about Hep C.


WebMD has helpful information on Hep C, its symptoms, risk factors, testing, and treatment.