Rely On Quest Diagnostics for Cervical Cancer Screening

Making sure that your female patients receive the appropriate testing for cervical cancer is a critical component of their overall care. At Quest Diagnostics, we are committed to offering screening options that help you provide the best protection for them.

Our offerings include liquid-based Pap tests, high-risk HPV testing with Aptima HPV mRNA, and HPV genotyping

Plus, Quest now offers CytoComplete™, an enhanced report for cervical cancer screening that gives you all the information you need at a glance.

  • Integrated results for both Pap and HPV in a single report 
  • Optional risk categorization to allow you and your staff to quickly identify patients who need immediate attention


What do guidelines say? Test ordering is easy with Smart Codes

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In 2012, 5 leading health organizations reached consensus regarding cervical cancer screening recommendations by age.
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Our age-based Smart Codes are consistent with ACOG recommendations for HPV and STI screening, and reduce the need to search for—and enter—multiple test codes. Learn more here.