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Did you know QNatal® Advanced noninvasive prenatal screening is covered by many insurance plans? When covered, 60% of patients pay $0. Learn more about financial options to cover your prenatal screening and download a guide to help you verify your insurance coverage.

A Step Back for Women’s Health

Learn more about how you can help now. Deadline for responses: October 13th 8:00 PM EST

A significant innovation in cervical cancer screening
The performance of the HPV test you choose matters

See the Sensitivity and Specificity sections at to learn more about Aptima® HPV mRNA performance.

Zika Virus

Zika Virus Infection

We offer testing for emerging infections, including Zika virus. Learn more about testing and the Zika virus.


The power of next-generation sequencing

QHerit combines next-generation sequencing (NGS) with a growing genomics database and includes tests recommended by guidelines and advocacy groups.
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“Advances in Cervical Cancer Screening and A New Approach to the Pelvic Mass,”

Darren Wheeler, MD discusses recent advances regarding HPV and Pap co-testing, emerging technologies and clinical approaches.

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Test Interpretation Guides

See our guides for details on test selection, utilization and interpretation. All information is based on peer-reviewed publications and practice guidelines.