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Oral Fluid Drug Testing

Quest Diagnostics knows that your needs can change and having more choices benefits you and your patients when monitoring for the presence of drugs. For those situations when urine collection is not practical, you now have an alternative — oral fluid.

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We offer high standard services and clinical excellence  to provide timely returns of tests and easy to interpret results.

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Urine drug testing can be used to monitor your patients on prescription narcotics. View our list of Prescription Drug tests.

Find out how your state matches up with national prescription drug misuse trends.

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Interpreting opiates drug testing

Dr. McClure defines the fundamentals and limitations of presumptive and definitive drug testing methods, discusses prescription and illicit opioid drug metabolism and reviews interpretation of results for drug compliance and abstinence and more. Watch now.

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2017 Health Trends Report

The 2017 Quest Diagnostics Health TrendsTM report provides diagnostics insights in managing the drug epidemic in the United States. Visit to download.

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Why Quest

Quest Diagnostics offers a prescription drug management program that incorporates clinical expertise, with a comprehensive menu, and accessible testing.