How to interpret IBSDetex™ test results

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Interpreting the results of IBS testing

IBSDetex results are reported in a clear, easy-to-read format.

The IBSDetex blood sample is analyzed and results are available within 72 hours of arriving at our laboratory:

A positive result confirms IBS-D or IBS-M with high medical certainty, eliminating the need for further rounds of invasive, costly and time-consuming exploratory testing for IBS. You can begin appropriate treatment without delay and at lower cost.

An inconclusive result does not preclude an IBS diagnosis. It simply means that the patient tested negative for one specific pathophysiological mechanism known to cause irritable bowel syndrome, and that further testing is warranted.

Can medication affect the results?

Yes. Steroids, anti-inflammatory medications, biologic agents, or any other immunosuppressive medications may change the level of antibodies in the blood. Since IBSDetex detects antibodies linked to IBS, you might not get a true reading for a patient who takes any of these medications.

How is insurance billing handled?

Quest Diagnostics will bill the medical insurance provider listed on the patient’s information/demographic sheet. Medicare, Medicaid, and most medical insurance providers should cover IBSDetex. Some health plans may require pre-authorization. Patients without insurance should call Quest to determine a payment plan. The out-of-pocket cost to the patient for IBSDetex is $185.

There’s more to learn about IBSDetex

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