Why Quest Diagnostics?

Our gastroenterology test menu addresses your patients’ symptoms and helps to minimize patient resistance while delivering informative results.  Quest Diagnostics provides three panels of serologic tests for celiac disease, non-invasive differentiation of irritable bowel syndrome from inflammatory bowel disease, an extensive molecular menu for liver disease and two colorectal cancer tests with no dietary or medication restrictions.  This extensive menu combined with our medical expertise and client services makes a winning combination.

Male doctor looking at chart with female patient

Clinical and Pathology Expertise


When your patients present with gastrointestinal symptoms, hepatitis or other liver diseases, you need a broad test menu and expert pathology to confirm the diagnosis. Our experienced gastrointestinal pathology team—board-certified doctors as well as our scientists, specialists, and technicians—are available for professional consultations about test selection and rare or complex testing. Additionally, we understand your need for urgency so we promptly communicate unexpected diagnoses and malignancies to your office.

Extensive test menu to meet your needs


Our gastroenterology test menu features screens for inflammatory bowel disease, gluten and food sensitivity, peptic ulcer disease, and digestive disorders; colorectal and other gastrointestinal cancers; and liver disease and hepatitis. We understand that patients are often resistant to GI testing; several of our tests are non-invasive for early detection.

Expert Support


Our expertise goes beyond the laboratory:

  • Specialized sales representatives are trained to understand the needs of your practice and your patients.
  • Gastrointestinal pathology services are designed to meet your specific needs, including specimen collection kits and requisition forms for better office efficiency.