Colorectal Cancer Screening
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ColoVantage® is a convenient DNA blood test that aids in the detection of colorectal cancer in patients non-adherent to other traditional testing methods.

Helicobacter pylori
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When endoscopy is not clinically indicated, the urea breath test or stool antigen can be used to indirectly detect the presence of H pylori-associated urease.

HCV Genotype testing
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AccuType IL28B can detect C polymorphism in patients with chronic HCV Genotype 1.

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Dr. Elaine Alt, MD

Dr. Alt is part of our renowned Quest Diagnostics Medical and Scientific Team. She specializes in Gastrointestinal and Gynecologic Pathology. See more about professional consults.

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Making Virtual Pathology a Reality

In this presentation, Dr. Agersborg provides an overview of how we use virtual pathology for professional consults among our medical experts on unique patient cases. View.

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A Two-pronged Strategy for Combating Colorectal Cancer

Dr. John Marshall shares insights on widespread screening and genetic profiling to combat colorectal cancer. Dr. Marshall is Professor of Medicine Chief, Division of Hematology-Oncology, Georgetown University Hospital.

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Patient Education

Involve your patients in their care. Diagnostic Testing A-Z, our online patient library, delivers the information they need to understand tests, treatments and medical conditions.