Why Quest Diagnostics?

The Entire Solution in One Lab

Patients with Celiac Disease have often waited a long time for a diagnosis. We offer information and tools to help facilitate your conversation with patients to help arrive at the right diagnosis sooner. Once diagnosed, we can provide information to you and your patients about how to take the next steps to a gluten-free lifestyle. Additionally, we can provide all the testing you need for Celiac Disease and medical conditions that often accompany Celiac Disease. We can also provide testing to help support a diagnosis of Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity.
Doctor talking with a mother and her child
Innovative and Extensive Test Menu across the Continuum of Care
We offer a wide range of serological tests, HLA Typing and Anatomic Pathology services to assist in the diagnosis and management of Celiac Disease and other gluten-related disorders. Based on these analyses, clinicians are able to create personalized treatment plans for each patient:
Quest Diagnostics offers serology with the most specific marker—Deamidated Gliadin Peptide (DGP)
  • Genetic Testing
  • Extensive menu of innovative tests for the diagnosis and monitoring of autoimmune conditions that often coexist with Celiac Disease
  • Standing apart from the competition, Quest Diagnostics offers full Anatomic Pathology services to confirm a Celiac Disease diagnosis – the entire spectrum of diagnosis
A Patient-Centric Celiac Disease Management Program
Quest Diagnostics offers a wide range of educational resources for patients, including gluten-free diet guides, information regarding symptoms, family history and who should be tested. In addition, there is information regarding support groups and links to various celiac disease organizations. Visit QuestDiagnostics.com/celiac to learn more.
Other tools to assist patients include online appointment scheduling, patient reminders and MyQuest™, our mobile app which allows patients to see, store and share medical information.

A Comprehensive Source of Information for Physicians
Our Physician Celiac Disease web site includes extensive information to assist physicians in diagnosing their patients and managing the disease. In addition there are online resources to the latest news for physicians, continuing education, testing services and more.
Our extensive reporting capabilities include our Quanum platform and integration with Electronic Medical Records. We offer QuestConnect, with online convenience that puts you in control. You can manage tasks such as: requesting test results, adding and cancelling tests, finding test information, ordering supplies, making payments, and updating your account information.
Have questions? Email or call a sales representative at 866-MY-QUEST (866-697-8378).