Cardio IQ® helps you:

  • Assess baseline risk by using advanced testing to help characterize a patient’s individual cardiovascular disease risk—while evolving treatment guidelines emerge 
  • Guide personalized therapy by utilizing a patient’s unique profile to help determine and optimize the treatment they need to achieve better heart health
    - Initiate/intensify statin therapy
    - Identify opportunities for adjunct therapy 
    - Set diet, exercise and lifestyle targets
  • Monitor response to therapy by leveraging a patient’s testing history to optimize their treatment plan
  • Offer ongoing patient support through the 4myheart® Clinical Educators, who help patients understand their test results and learn how they can adopt and adhere to their clinicians’ treatment plan
    - The 4myheart® Program is available at no additional cost for patients who have had 
      Cardio IQ® Testing performed in the last 6 months. For more information, visit or call (800) 432-7889

The Cardio IQ® Report provides an in-depth analysis of your patient’s cardiac health, based on a number of different factors, from basic lipids to lipoprotein subfractionation.