Why Quest Diagnostics?

Quest Diagnostics provides cardiovascular disease management tools with a focus on the secondary prevention market. Unlike other lipid testing methodologies that are focused on the primary screening market for cardiovascular disease, our proprietary testing technology enables risk characterization and uniquely allows for ongoing therapeutic monitoring of a patient’s disease.

Our comprehensive approach includes assays that determine traditional risk factors, novel cardiovascular biomarkers, lipoprotein particle size, and state-of-the-art genetic testing. This comprehensive array of tests helps clinicians accurately identify, stratify risk, and guide individualized treatment for cardiovascular disease patients with high levels of confidence.

The 4myheart® Program utilizes clinical educators use the test results to customize each patient’s education about nutrition, exercise, stress management, and therapy adherence, pursuant to each clinician’s treatment plan. Through our combination of lipid testing technology, esoteric testing capability, and patient support services, we provide clinicians and patients with a viable disease management offering for cardiovascular disease prevention.

Learn more about 4myheart®, a comprehensive approach to heart health that customizes lifestyle treatment programs for your patients.