Uncover the hidden risks of heart disease and stroke

Are traditional risk factors enough?

Learn about cardiovascular disease (CVD) and how advanced lipid testing may help you gain deeper insight into the individual risks of your patients.

The Cardio IQ® Solution
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Our approach to heart health

Cardio IQ is a comprehensive solution for the assessment of patients’ baseline risk for CVD, guiding and monitoring response to their personalized therapy from the physician, and providing ongoing patient support through a unique 4myheart® Program.

Individualized Cardio IQ Report
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Cardio IQ – know what to expect for your patients

Cardio IQ is advanced testing that can assess your patients’ risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke, beyond traditional lipid panel testing.

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Ion Mobility: The evolution of lipoprotein subclass testing

Ion Mobility characterization of lipoproteins enables comprehensive insights for physicians to manage treatment decisions for their patients. The test combines high resolution separation of the full spectrum of lipoprotein particles, along with direct quantification of particles, in each lipid subclass fraction.

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Additional testing for customized treatment

Quest Diagnostics offers a range of advanced cardiovascular tests to help characterize a patients' individual cardiovascular disease risk. These tests can help you determine the best course of action to optimize heart health. 

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Why Quest Diagnostics?

Quest Diagnostics offers a range of advanced cardiovascular tests, educational materials, interpretation and selection guides, and recommended management algorithms to help characterize a patient’s individual cardiovascular disease risk.

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Our 4myheart® Program

Our 4myheart® Program provides simple yet comprehensive, personalized support to help patients improve and maintain their heart health. A team of Clinical Educators, in partnership with the patient’s physician, creates a personalized plan to address the risks for heart disease and stroke.