Why Quest Diagnostics?

Innovations and services available from the world’s leading provider of diagnostic tests, information and services. Leverage our industry-leading insights and comprehensive allergy test menu to identify and treat allergies and allergic asthma.

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An innovative allergy test menu

Offer patients ease and convenience with ImmunoCAP®, a blood test that can help you quantitatively measure IgE antibody levels to specific allergens.

ImmunoCAP® offers performance comparable to skin prick testing in determining IgE specific allergens, yet requires only one blood sample, and offers additional advantages when the patient:

  • is resistant to multiple skin pricks
  • is at risk for a life-threatening reaction
  • is taking medications that would interfere with skin testing
  • has medical conditions that prevent accurate skin test results

Industry-leading insights, medical and scientific expertise

Allergies are a major public health concern, affecting about one in five Americans. Our publication Allergies Across America™ is the largest analysis of on patients in the U.S. who are under medical evaluation for allergy symptoms.

Professional consultations about test selection and rare or complex testing are also available from our medical staff that includes approximately 900 MDs and PhDs.

Asthma relief can be as simple as avoidance

Sixty percent of asthmatics have allergic asthma. According to the 2007 NIH Guidelines for the Diagnosis and Management of Asthma, “for at least those patients who have persistent asthma, the clinician should evaluate the potential role of allergens, particularly indoor inhalant allergens.” ImmunoCAP® is an effective blood test that identifies specific allergens and allows you to differentiate between allergic and non-allergic etiologies. With this information, you’ll know how best to treat. Symptom management can be as simple as counseling patients to avoid allergic triggers, or referral to a specialist for management of their condition.

Keep allergy symptoms at bay

ImmunoCAP® is a valuable tool because it identifies allergen sensitivities. Allergy symptoms appear when the allergen load threshold is exceeded. Therefore, even minor reductions in exposure may help eliminate symptoms.

A clear choice

ImmunoCAP® performs better than the RAST test and is just as effective as the skin prick test, only more convenient.

The allergy-asthma connection

Asthma and allergies co-exist sixty percent of the time. In such cases, treating the allergy condition may improve asthma, which can lead to decreased medication use and improved patient outcomes.

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1Source: 2011 Quest Diagnostics Health Trends™ Allergies Across America™ report