Vysis® UroVysion

Earlier detection is the key to increased survival

Detect Bladder Cancer Recurrence up to Six Months Sooner than Other Diagnostic Methods

Vysis UroVysion's molecular cytology combines the strength of urine cytology (morphology) with molecular (DNA-based) technology to unequivocally detect the presence of cancer.

  • Offers greater sensitivity than tests such as cytology or biomarkers, which translates into fewer false negatives.
  • Earlier detection allows you to treat your patient's cancer more aggressively as needed
  • Detects high grade pT1 and pTis tumors that can be overlooked with traditional diagnostic methods and have high progression rates to muscle-invasive cancer
  • Provides results you can count on – Vysis UroVysion is the first FDA-approved genomic DNA-probe test for identifying early recurrence of bladder cancer
  • Not affected by BCG Immunotherapy

With Vysis UroVysion you now have a superior option to accurately manage bladder cancer recurrence.


Vysis UroVysion is not only more sensitive than urine cytology by stage, but also more sensitive by grade.



The specificity of Vysis UroVysion is approximately 95% among healthy and non-healthy subjects, which translates to fewer false positives.



Vysis UroVysion Images

Normal result observed in an interphase cell obtained from a sample after the Vysis UroVysion Bladder Cancer Recurrence Kit hybridization. Each probe signal, CEP 3 (red), CEP 7 (green), CEP 17 (aqua) and LSI p16 (gold) is present in two copies.
Aneusomic interphase cell obtained from a sample showing two copies of chromosome 3 (red), four copies of chromosome 7 (green), five copies of chromosome 17 (aqua) and one copy of p16 gene (gold) after the Vysis UroVysion Bladder Cancer Recurrence Kit hybridization.


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