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Solid Tumor Core Panel from Quest Diagnostics

More treatment options from better information for solid tumors

Test Code 93234

Just as no 2 patients are alike, no 2 cancers are alike. Despite advances in cancer treatment, some patients still face a lack of options, especially when it comes to rare, aggressive, or late-stage disease.

Solid Tumor Core Panel from Quest Diagnostics is here to help change that. By combining state-of-the-art solid tumor genetic sequencing with powerful data analysis, Solid Tumor Core Panel can quickly uncover a wide range of highly personalized information–including obscure references that may have been previously unidentified.

From analysis to next steps

Quest Diagnostics sequences the tumor’s genomic makeup to help clinicians understand the unique cancer-causing mutations specific to that individual patient’s cancer.

Quest compares your patient’s results against relevant medical literature, clinical studies, pharmacopeia, and carefully annotated rules. A Quest Diagnostics medical director reviews and confirms the results. Clinicians receive a report that provides therapy and clinical trial information that has been personalized to your patient, including mutations and therapeutic associations that have been graded through clearly-defined levels of evidence.

Delivering greater cancer insight

The test identifies single nucleotide variants (SNVs), insertions and deletions, copy number variations (CNVs) and select rearrangements in 49 genes, in addition to MSI status and tumor mutational burden (TMB). 

The path to more targeted cancer treatment starts today