Prescription Drug Monitoring: Tests & Services

As a physician, you want to have accurate and precise results each and every time, and you expect a quality process. With Quest Diagnostics Prescription Drug Monitoring Tools, you can expect:

Results you can trust


Lab technicians with test tubeClinical Drug Test Kit Utilization: Urine specimen container has a temperature strip to ensure sample is at body temperature. Since there is no chain of custody, random specimen collection can be accomplished right in the office. 

Prompt nationwide courier service via the Quest Diagnostics logistics network. Quest Diagnostics has an extensive fleet of couriers that make over 85,000 stops per day with the ability to track specimens each and every step along the way. So you can be confident your specimens are where they should be each and every step along the process.

Quest Diagnostics runs the initial drug class screening using optimized immunoassay methodology. Confirmation of positive test results is performed using state of the art mass spectrometry analysis which rules out interfering substances and provides confidence in results at the analyte level. 

Quest Diagnostics offers fast turnaround times and easy to read and interpret reports. 

 Services to support your practice

 Doctor working at laptop

  1. medMATCH®: optional report feature indicates if the patient’s results are consistent with the prescribed medication   
  2. Easily accessible reports through Quanum eLabs, with the option of online ordering which reduces the risk of transcription errors- no need to deal with faxes or paper trails

  3. Quanum™ ePrescribing, an innovative feature of Quanum;, that provides online access to patients’ labs, meds, and other relevant clinical information while reducing the risk of adverse drug-to-drug effects and helps identify contradictions
  4. Access to direct toxicologist consultation available to address questions or concerns. Call our toxicology hotline: 1-877-40-RXTOX (1-877-407-9869)




Note: Quest Diagnostics Pain Management Services are not yet available in all areas.
For more information to learn if the program is available in your state.