Important Information about OVA1®

OVA1 is an FDA-cleared blood test to help evaluate an ovarian mass for cancer prior to a planned surgery.

As of August 10, 2015, Quest Diagnostics will no longer provide OVA1 testing and will transition it to ASPiRA LABSTM. ASPiRA LABS will become the primary laboratory providing this test in the United States.

Should you have any questions about the transition of the OVA1 test, please call ASPiRA LABS at (844) ASPIRA1, visit, or contact your Quest Diagnostics sales representative.

Intended Use

OVA1® is a qualitative serum test that combines the results of five immunoassays into a single numerical result. It is indicated for women who meet the following criteria: over age 18, ovarian adnexal mass present for which surgery is planned, and not yet referred to an oncologist. OVA1® is an aid to further assess the likelihood that malignancy is present when the physician’s independent clinical and radiological evaluation does not indicate malignancy.

PRECAUTION: OVA1® should not be used without an independent clinical/radiological evaluation and is not intended to be a screening test or to determine whether a patient should proceed to surgery. Incorrect use of OVA1® carries the risk of unnecessary testing, surgery, and/or delayed diagnosis.