Lung Cancer Mutation Panel

The Lung Cancer Mutation Panel (EGFR, KRAS EML4-ALK) offers you a keystone to personalized medicine. The test panel helps you determine targeted therapies for your non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) patients.

NSCLC accounts for approximately 85% of lung cancers and includes predominantly adenocarcinomas, the most common type in the U.S., and squamous cell carcinomas.1 Depending on the patient’s medical status and stage of the disease, treatment options include surgery, radiation therapy, and/or chemotherapy. Although cytotoxic chemotherapy continues to be an important part of treatment, targeted therapies based on genetic alterations in the tumor are appropriate for selected cases. Identifying mutations in oncogenes associated with NSCLC can distinguish patients who are more likely to benefit from a targeted therapy than those who are not. Such oncogenes include EGFR, KRAS, and ALK.

Our Lung Cancer Mutation Panel tests for mutations in all three oncogenes. Individual tests for mutation detection are also available for each gene.

  • Personalized diagnostic tool – helps determine your patient’s sensitivity or resistance to multiple EGFR TKIs and ALK inhibitors
  • Academic-caliber testing – some of the nation’s foremost thought leaders in molecular pathology are on staff, bringing you state-of-the-art testing that is usually available only at academic institutions

For more information about the test, read our Lung Cancer Mutation Panel (EGFR, KRAS, ALK) Interpretive Guide article

For CE Credit: Molecular Diagnostics in Lung Cancer (audio)

Dr. Dan Jones, Medical Director, Cancer Diagnostics, discusses genetic mutations often found in patients with lung cancer, their impact on diagnosis and treatment, and the appropriate use of molecular profiling in the diagnosis and management of these patients. He also addresses the clinical utility and specimen requirements for the Lung Cancer Mutation Panel, an assay that identifies mutations of EGFR, KRAS and EML4-ALK. Listen now


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