Why ClariSure® CMA

Five Reasons to Use ClariSure from Quest Diagnostics

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  1. Unsurpassed coverage to more accurately diagnose your patients – A technically superior array to find potential disease associations missed by other lower resolution arrays increasing the diagnostic yield for your patients. With over 2.6 million probes that evaluate 1,900,000 copy number variation (CNV) markers, and 750,000 single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) markers, ClariSure® provides the highest coverage available. The oligo-SNP format provides extensive information across the genome allowing precise definition of breakpoints and detection of uniparental disomy, copy number neutral regions of heterozygosity (ROH) and, in some cases, consanguinity.
  2. Expertise in interpretation – As the first national diagnostic testing company to offer microarray testing for developmental delay nationally, our board-certified geneticists and physicians have immense experience to provide the highest sensitivity interpretation in the industry.
  3. A team to support you – A team of genetic counselors available to answer your questions is available at (866) GENE-INFO
  4. Turnaround time – One of the fastest in the industry: 10-14 days
  5. Reimbursement – Large network of covered insurance plans*

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Selected genes and associated Disorders of Clarisure Postnatal Microarray

Add ClariSure to Your Practice
If you are already a valued client of Quest Diagnostics, contact your local representative or call (866) MY-QUEST to ask about how to order ClariSure or fill out our form to speak to a highly trained neurology account executive in your area.