Simple, Secure Way to Share Patient Health Information

Securely Share Patient Information

Care360® makes it easy to share patient health information among physicians, hospitals, pharmacies and other providers in a secure, email-like clinical messaging format that is compliant with HIPAA regulations.

Care360 was the first Electronic Health Record (EHR) to include Direct Project specifications, an initiative designed by the ONC for Health IT to make electronic health information exchange among healthcare providers and patients faster, less expensive and more secure. And with Care360 EHR, even individual physicians and small practices can enjoy the benefits of electronic health recording and meet the requirements for Meaningful Use.

With Care360, you can:

  • Send chart contents, lab results, patient history and medication information to other consulting or referring physicians, as well as prescription orders/renewal requests, electronically or via fax--all without ever pulling a chart
  • Eliminate phone tag with other physicians and pharmacists
  • Communicate prescription orders/renewal requests to pharmacies
  • Share patient electronic health records across disparate systems with secure Direct Clinical Messaging
  • Automatically alert staff to patients requiring follow-up tasks
  • Create standing orders and email reminders for patients requiring regular lab tests
  • Send patient history securely to your patient's Personal Health Record (PHR)
  • Assist with Meaningful Use objectives
  • Provide relevant information to staff, colleagues, patients and pharmacies more efficiently
  • Improve overall coordination and continuity of care

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With Care360 EHR, it’s as easy as the push of a button to view and share medical records. “It saves so much time” says Dr. Hertzel’s office manager.

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