Customization and Automation for Efficent Lab Management

Save time and frustration by managing laboratory orders and results with Care360. The power and flexibility of this system enables you to quickly analyze information, gain practice-wide insights and customize your ordering experience to meet your unique practice needs.

Care360 Delivers:

24/7 Access and Greater Efficiencies in Managing Lab Orders and Results

  • Automated features reduce risk of human error and simplify routine tasks, such as filing Advanced Beneficiary Notices (ABNs), checking medical necessity or searching for diagnosis codes
  • Sort reports automatically, mark as reviewed, annotated and even shared with other physicians and patients
  • Automatic email reminders, Patient Service Center (PSC) hold lists and scheduling help with patient compliance
  • Convenient online supply ordering saves time and reduces errors

Enhanced Reports, More Accessible Patient Information

Lab Management Software

  • Gain practice-wide insights and facilitate reporting to government and payers
  • Easily identify patients who require follow-up
  • Gain a better picture of patient history, status and progress
  • Automatically generate longitudinal flow sheets and graphs when selected tests are reported
  • Create test- or condition-specific views of lab and medication history to monitor patients with chronic conditions


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