Care360® Suite: Technology Solutions for Your Accountable Care Organization (ACO)

The development of your Accountable Care Organization (ACO) will require a multi-dimensional approach as you build your infrastructure and network of providers. There is no off-the-shelf implementation for ACOs because every situation is unique.

However, one thing is clear – the utilization of technology is a critical element in ACO success. The Care360 Suite of Healthcare IT solutions utilize technologies that will support your broader ACO goals, and assist you as you grow your network and enterprise.

Care360 will deliver solutions that:

  • Manage patient information
  • Provide testing in all relevant settings
  • Manage demand and review utilization
  • Provide intelligent point-of-order decision support
  • Support data integration
  • Drive closure of gaps in care
  • Conduct population assessments and baseline analysis
  • Deliver patient engagement and loyalty tools
  • Provide or support patient wellness programs

With our expertise in healthcare and laboratory services, along with our success in building technology solutions, as well as the power of the nation’s largest ambulatory physician network, Quest Diagnostics can help you achieve your strategic objectives.

The Care360 network solution consists of:

  • Care360 Data Exchange providing the tools you need for robust, structured data exchange between disparate systems, enabling a single-patient view that integrates data across the care continuum in real-time. 
  • Care360 EHR, a complete electronic health record that supports the collection of data for your tracking, monitoring and reporting requirements and contains a sophisticated Clinical Decision Support tool (CDS). 
  • Care360 Practice Management System (PMS) which simplifies all of the essential daily tasks of your medical office and includes dashboards, customizable reports, scheduling and billing with a seamless flow of information from the Care360 EHR. 
  • CCDA Auto Export offers organizations the ability to automatically transmit patient data from Care360 EHR to external entitites in a CCDA industry-standard, market accepted format. This service provides the ability to spend patient clinical data automatically - where patient activity occurred - on a routine, scheduled basis.
  • Care360 Patient Communication Tools offering features to help patients manage their healthcare, including a personal health record, secure messaging, appointment requests, prescription renewals, pre-registration, online bill pay, and care reminders.
  • Special Quest Diagnostics Exclusive Services such as custom product branding, universal lab ordering and results, Blueprint for Wellness patient testing and instant connectivity to more than 300,000 providers on the Care360 network.

Contact us to learn more about how Quest Diagnostics and Care360 will meet the needs of a collaborative care delivery system.


Case Study Graphic

Read the Case Study of MetroWest Accountable Health Care Organization, LLC who selected Care360 to be an effective, affordable and patient-centered EHR solution for their physicians.