Care360® Improves Your Bottom Line and Increases Efficiency

Care360® offers cost-effective and quickly implemented solutions that help you build affinity with your physicians, increase efficiency and improve your bottom line.

Care360 EHR – A focused and cost-effective ambulatory electronic health record featuring web-based, anywhere, anytime access. It’s a practical, proven solution that physicians adopt at their pace, without disrupting existing workflows.

Improve the ROI of your EHR

  • Typically implements in less than 30 days, shortening the time for your hospital to see results
  • Includes tools for comprehensive documentation to ensure your network receives appropriate reimbursement
  • Provides a lower total cost of ownership with Care360 serving as the host reducing the cost of hardware

Care360 Data Exchange – A secure, robust, and structured data exchange for intuitive access to patient-centered data and true care collaboration.


  • Improve the ROI of your EMRDelivers flexible data exchange with two-way communication of relevant clinical data, including lab tests, imaging results, and discharge information
  • Connects your hospital immediately to physicians currently on the Care360 network
  • Offers interoperability and clinical data exchange with popular acute EHR/EMRs, including Epic®, Cerner®, Eclipsys/AllScriptsTM, Meditech® and many others
  • Scales easily as your network grows, allowing you to add physicians as you gain affiliation commitments
  • Improves revenue opportunities as physicians refer patients to your hospital for laboratory and radiology services and inpatient care

Hospital Revenue From Affiliated Physicians
The average annual net revenue to a hospital generated by affiliated physicians across all specialties was $1.5 million in 2010.¹ These figures represent averages annual revenue earned by the hospital as a result of affiliation with these specialists.

Average Annual Revenue Generated by Top 10 Specialties1

Specialty Average Revenue
Neurosurgery $2,815,650
Cardiology (Invasive) $2,240,366
Orthopedic Surgery $2,117,764
General Surgery $2,112,492
Internal Medicine $1,678,341
Family Practice $1,622,832
Hematology/ Oncology $1,485,627
Gastroenterology $1,450,540
Urology $1,382,704
OB/GYN $1,364,131

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These data estimates are based on an average of $1,543,788 annual referral revenue for a hospital from all physician specialties, according to the Merritt Hawkins 2010 Physician Inpatient/Outpatient Revenue Survey . Different specialties offer referral revenue between $0.7 million (nephrology) and $2.8 million (neurology). Real results will vary.

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