Solutions for Hospitals
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Care360 is the cornerstone of true hospital/ambulatory physician integration. With its ease and speed of adoption—more than 300,000 physicians already use Care360—it’s quickly scalable.

System Integration
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Save time and money with Care360® Data Exchange, a reliable, scalable platform that integrates seamlessly with your existing systems.

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Care360® offers a cost-effective solution that can be quickly implemented to help you build affinity with physicians, increase efficiency and improve your bottom line.

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Looking for a new EHR solution and a way to connect all the systems on your network? What about an easier way to manage lab orders within your network? Care360 from Quest Diagnostics may be the solution.


Case Study: From Paper to Paperless in Under 30 Days
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See how 100 physicians across 40 facilities have integrated our fully certified Care360® EHR solution into their practices—all within four weeks. Electronic health records in record time.

Solutions for ACOs
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Manage your patient population and meet performance goals using the Care360 network to connect physicians, share information and coordinate care.