White Papers

Find out how Care360® is facilitating EHR adoption, integration and connectivity between hospitals, IDNs and office-based physicians. The white papers described below provide detailed information on these topics as well as reimbursement issues and ChartMaxx® products that can simplify and streamline your operations.

White PapersTransforming the Reimbursement Paradigm

An examination of the issues and challenges surrounding the shift from fee-for-service reimbursement to population-based and outcomes-based payments. Read more.



White Papers

Importance of EHR Adoption in the Rise of Physician-Hospital Partnerships

This paper explores the promise and potential of these important relationships.  Read more.



Why Hospitals Should Encourage EHR Implementation in Their Communities

Learn how office-based EHR systems can help hospitals increase efficiency, reduce waste and improve patient care. Read more.



White Papers

Enhancing Patient Care and Physician Efficiency through EHR Adoption

This paper provides a synthesis of substantive factual data demonstrating that EHR adoption positively impacts the quality of patient care and physician and clinician efficiency. Read more.


We're also proud to share case studies that profile how physicians, hospitals, and accountable care organizations (ACOs) have successfully adopted healthcare technologies.