Outreach Solutions

The past decade has seen steady growth in the number of hospital laboratory outreach programs serving office-based physicians in surrounding communities.

We can help your program achieve a competitive advantage through our comprehensive Outreach Services program:

  • Workflow Assessment: We can conduct an on-site evaluation of your laboratory operations to determine if all your systems are designed and able to handle workflow processes for your outreach test volume
  • Purchase testing supplies: We can handle procurement of supplies for testing, labeling, and transport
  • Phlebotomy Services: We can optimize your draw network, including location of patient service centers and phlebotomists, as well as divert patients to patient service centers
  • Physician Office Connectivity: We can assist in determining the most appropriate electronic ordering and reporting system for your hospital’s laboratory
  • Logistics: We can manage your specimen transportation, either using our existing Quest Diagnostics network or by using your hospital network

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